♥ Handmade Critters in Bella Bella Studios ♥

♥ The Bella Bella Studios collection of handmade critters is growing by the day! These little critters have been so much fun to make! The ideas just keep coming. Bella Bella Studios has had so many requests for them. I have been making them for family and friends but I might have to open a little store just for them! I first learned how to make the little elves from a good friend who loves to create just as much as I do… Each little critter comes alive with a certain little “look” of its own! I hope you enjoy this growing collection and I will keep you posted on my newest creations! ♥


More Gorgeous Designs by German Jewelry Designer Beate Koch…. So Pretty!

While collaborating with German Jewelry designer Beate Koch, I have had the pleasure of her sending more of her newest designs… She is so talented and has such a creative eye! I love to see fellow artisans and what they create. The beauty of inspiration is so amazing. I have included the photos that she has shared with me! I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do!